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In what proved to be a thrilling 2020 Summa Fall Cup, Majestic SC emerged victorious after a 4-2 victory against Rovers FC, crowning them as your Summa Cup champion. Majestic SC finishes a fantastic tournament with back-to-back convincing wins in the playoffs. It was a tournament performance deserving of a team crowned champions. A significant momentum and confidence booster for the team going into the Spring Cup.


We give credit where credit is due; Majestic SC showed up in the big moments and asserted their tournament grasp. However, it was by no means an easy road to victory. We talked previously about the Rovers, and though they lost heartbreakingly, they put up a tremendous fight. They would have loved to bring home silverware, but there is a lot to be proud of if you are a Rovers fan or anyone involved with the team. Reaching the finals in your first season is a remarkable feat, let alone beating the first seed to get there. Ultimately, it may have been the lack of experience that proved to be the difference for both teams. Long-term, this defeat will be a much-needed experience for the Rovers. 


With that, the 2020 Summa Fall Cup has concluded. It was a terrific tournament. The tournament went through its fair share of delays and uncertainties, but it’s great to see the event reach a conclusive ending. We noticed some terrific moments from the Rovers’ breakout season to Club ATLetic’s dominant regular season to Majestic SC’s remarkable playoff run. The competitiveness we saw from all teams was great to watch and follow. With the Spring Cup now underway, we can’t wait to see more from these teams! Once again, all kudos to the organizers at the ADASL for organizing such an exciting tournament. Be sure to tune in for more soccer in this 2021 Spring Cup.