ATLANTA, GEORGIA—In a team full of stars, midfielder Matheus Rossetto is quietly making an impact for Atlanta United not only on the field but also in the locker room as well. With some of the top stars of United down with injuries led by veteran center Brad Guzan and star defender Miles Robinson, Rossetto has elevated his game and focus and is now designated as the team’s captain.

United head coach Gonzalo Pineda said the coaching staff decided to pick Rosetto as team captain due to his consistent plays and leadership qualities. “Rossetto is a bit more cerebral,” Pineda said. “More the guy who is in good shape, waiting. He is kind of shadowing, and when he sees the opportunity, he steals the ball, and he anticipates,” Pineda added.

The Brazilian midfield joined the club on Feb. 3, 2020, from Athletico Paranaense. Since he started wearing the United uniform, Rossetto has been a steady force in the midfield, finding pockets, moving the ball forward, and knowing how to defend when needed to. Pineda even described Rosetto as cerebral, crediting Rossetto as a smart tactical player.

The latest MLS stat shows that Rosetto has over 91.8 percent successful passes, more than 60 percent of tackles won, and over 780 minutes were played. “He has the respect of the locker room,” Pineda said. “He is always reliable on the field. You can always rely in tough moments he wants the ball. He wants to play with some personality on the field, he’s able to turn under pressure, so the players respect him for that personality,” Pineda added.