ATLANTA, Georgia-March 4, 2021-Environmental artist Mitch Cherry, a long-time member of the Atlanta soccer community and Atlanta Rovers, displays Panorama Ray’s artwork at the “I saw you hanging on Carroll Street” show at the Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown, Atlanta.

Ray “Panorama” Herbert, photographer and painter, is considered to this day as one of the iconic artists from the city of Atlanta. Born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, Herbert was influential in changing Atlanta art and photography. Utilizing 1904 Kodak Cirkut cameras and over-sized contact prints, his unique style earned him his famous nickname, “Panorama Ray”. 

Herbert started his career with simple, quick, and easy artwork. His early works consisted of quick-print tourist shots on the Atlantic City Pier. Eventually, Herbert realized that his talent and passion allowed him to expand this business further. He set up his professional photography and studio, and from there, his career took off. After setting up his studio, Herbert would use his talents and skills in a corporate context. He would become a professional photographer for corporate congregations, but Herbert saw an enormous potential for his photography career. He realized that his antique camera and natural knack for beauty had more significant potential for his career than he was doing. With a change of vision, Panorama Ray focused his lenses elsewhere. He made it a mission to document the changing landscape in Atlanta until his unfortunate death in 1997. 

01-panorama-ray-herbert-god-blessed-america-with-atlanta-20x56-masonite-img-4801-w_orig Mitch Cherry displays Panorama Ray's Art


Those who are aware of Ray Herbert’s legacy know that he was heavily involved with the Atlanta community, if not the most active artist. His photography studio and the paintings he created during his career became monumental for the city’s history. He captured ordinary folks’ beauty and essence through his 500ft—rolls of ten-inch film and a simple canvas and paint. Fans of Panorama Ray remembered his career for his dazzling photos and eye-catching paintings. Still, ordinary folks reflect on his legacy for his kind, down-to-earth, and generous personality. Panorama Ray’s legacy inspired a new generation of Atlanta artists to follow in his footsteps and emulate his success, such as Mitch Cherry. 

Mitch Cherry, Environmental artist and Bus Stop Art Studio founder, was known for bringing up-and-coming artists and sharing their talent with the community. Mitch and the studio produced hundreds of events in multiple years, and the studio became an inspiration for the creation of MTV’s Real World. Mitch art directed many photos for Ray at the Bus Stop…some with his band Spaceseed, Green Arrow and DJ So Fly. Mitch was always ready to create an interesting backdrop for his photography or be an actor in his moving stills.

curchlady Mitch Cherry displays Panorama Ray's Art

 Apart from arts and music, Mitch has also been heavily involved with the Atlanta sports scene. One of his passions is soccer. Mitch played competitive soccer in college at Dekalb Central and played with Imperial Pint FC and Atlanta Rovers clubs. Mitch’s involvement with the Atlanta community in all aspects of art is truly remarkable. It only fits that he was tasked to present “Panorama Ray’s” painting.

9img_1139-300x450 Mitch Cherry displays Panorama Ray's Art

carroll-300x450 Mitch Cherry displays Panorama Ray's ArtTo commemorate the great artist’s legacy, Mitch Cherry is showcasing “Panorama Ray” Herbert’s artwork at the “I saw you hanging on Carroll Street” show at the Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown, Atlanta where he will display pieces from his personal collection. Proceeds from the event will go to the Christian Appalachian Project. A touching tribute to a one-of-a-kind artist and man. The closing party event is Tuesday, March 30 from 7-10pm.

The Next Panorama Ray show will be June 12 with Harry Underwood and Ab the Flagman in Inman Park at the WADDI

CAP-blue-logo-250x214-1 Mitch Cherry displays Panorama Ray's Art


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