While Atlanta won’t be participating in MLS until 2017, new renderings were released earlier in the week for their downtown stadium. The stadium will house Atlanta’s MLS franchise as well as the Atlanta Falcons.

For MLS matches, there will be room for around 29,000 fans to cheer on their home team. The stadium will also feature a retractable roof as well as panels to block out the upper level seats and bring down the capacity. That will be a nice touch as they will be vertical panels so it will not look as if there are blocks of empty seats, adding to a more intimate atmosphere.

The field will be artificial turf to the disappointment of many fans and players. Players like playing on grass much more than turf and most fans want the same thing. Turf is a lot tougher on the body, especially the knees for older players. Grass is obviously a much more natural surface and that is what most people want. Arthur Blank has money though, so expect the turf to be one of the higher quality turf surfaces in the league.

The new Atlanta franchise will be entering in for the 2017 season along with the new Los Angeles franchise of which the investors include Magic Johnson and Henry Nguyen. They have the financial backing of Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank and will look to give their MLS franchise and great start. The stadium is the first step forward there.

The new renderings, which can be viewed here, look state of the art which you would expect. This is very exciting for the MLS and the excitement will only continue to build as 2017 grows nearer.


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