Arthur Blank Solicits Questions & Comments on New Stadium

NFL and possible MLS franchise owner Arthur Blank has created a website to serve as an information hub regarding the proposed downtown Atlanta stadium that is on the cusp of being approved for funding.  The website,, features this page asking for questions and comments.  Blank has publicly stated that the stadium may possibly house an MLS franchise.

According to this Atlanta Journal & Constitution article, the design RFQ specifies field dimensions that meet FIFA standards for international play and the possible inclusion of MLS administrative offices.  In addition, Blank has hired former Columbus Crew President & General Manager Jim Smith as a Senior V.P.  And this recent article on states that Atlanta MLS expansion possibilities could be unlocked if the new stadium plan comes to fruition.  Public funds for the stadium will come from extending an already existing hotel visitor tax, which is paid by hotel guests.  The remainding majority of funds will come from Mr. Blank’s organization.

As mentioned above, Blank has stated that this stadium could “possibly” house an MLS club.  Now is the time for Atlanta’s soccer community to let him know that we would like the stadium to “definitely” house an MLS club.  Click here and voice your support for MLS in the ATL.

Posted by Terminus Footy