ATLANTA, GEORGIA—MOBA Upper 90 won the championship of the Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (ADASL) division 2 after beating Buckhead SC in the finals last July 11 at the Atlanta International School.
MOBA Upper 90 and Buckhead SC fought toe to toe in the entire game but in the 113th minute, the former was able to find a hole in the defense and score the winning goal in the match.
Aside from bragging rights, MOBA Upper 90 also won a trophy.
The loss is disappointing for Buckhead SC since they remain undefeated in the elimination round.
With their win, MOBA Upper 90 has a chance to move up to division 1 of ADASL.
The ADASL which is now in its 52nd year was founded in 1967 in conjunction with the creation of the Atlanta Chiefs, Atlanta’s first professional soccer team.
The coaches and players of the Chiefs helped to establish this league to generate interest in soccer.
The ADASL was the first league created locally and also became the first, and now oldest, member of the Georgia State Soccer Association.
One of our founders, player-coach Phil Woosnam went on to become the North American Soccer League chairman and an inductee into the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame.
Today, the league is recognized as the most competitive organized affiliated adult league in metro Atlanta.