MITRE, the world’s oldest football brand, have launched the new TENSILE ball – the most advanced football in the world – which will be used in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League this season.

The TENSILE is a revolution in football design and technology, comprised of just 10 panels and has over 30% less stitching.

This optimizes power and efficiency, improving airflow and reducing drag on the ball. This increases the average speed of a shot, making it a strikers’ dream.

The ball is the first of its kind and will be used in all SPL matches from this weekend, as well as in the Football League.

TENSILE’s graphic design is completely unique, with each of the 12 SPL clubs having their own match balls printed in club colours and adorned with their club badge.

Mitre’s heritage and reputation for making the world’s best footballs is unrivalled, with the TENSILE being another example of Mitre’s innovations in football over nearly 200 years.

The TENSILE’s revolutionary design delivers a greater transfer of energy, superior efficiency, stability and aerodynamics than ever before, and will retail at £74.99.

Nick Crook, Marketing Manager for Mitre, said: “Mitre is a people’s sports brand and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to give the fans what they want.

“We have enjoyed going the extra mile to deliver the new Mitre TENSILE ball in club colours with the club logo to satisfy fans of every club in the SPL and Football League.

“The TENSILE is a players’ ball, uses the very latest technology and we’ve no doubt it will add to the excitement and spectacle of the new season – and hopefully more goals!”

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