ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar is hopeful his forthcoming Netflix documentary about his life will help people get to know him and like him better. Neymar said the documentary which would be released later this month will show his life story on and off the soccer field.
“Those who know me, know who I am and that’s what matters to me,” Neymar said.
“As for those who don’t know me and just speak bad things about me, I just put them aside, but I hope they can still watch this documentary and hopefully it can change their idea or the image they have of me, and I hope they can learn to like me … even a little!,” Neymar added.
Neymar is hoping for a solid 2022 since 2021 is his worst performance as a member of the Paris Saint-Germain team.
Neymar used to be a beats in Ligue 1 with incredible stats, averaging almost a goal per game (56 in 70 matches in his first four seasons in France) and being involved in more than a goal per game (87 goals and assists over that same period).
However, after a quarter of the 2021-22 season, his stats paint a very different story.
One goal in six league games and 495 minutes played, with two assists and only three big chances created overall.
The struggles of Neymar are also pointed as one of the top reasons why PSG is struggling this year.