12510325_1189283064434714_3698910817422989502_n-300x300 NISA Independent Cup: Georgia Revolution FCSoccer is finally back for everyone to enjoy, from the players to the fans! 

New to the soccer scene is an exciting and fun league led by the National Independent Soccer Association.  This association holds competitive leagues for teams that want to participate at a semi-professional level. The association recently announced the NISA Independent Cup, a competition featuring independent amateur and professional teams from all across the country. One of the featured clubs is Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League’s very own Georgia Revolution FC.

Georgia Revolution FC is a soccer club consisting of players from the National Premier League and Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League. These players hope to one day compete at a professional level. The team’s development program is geared towards young players who want to play in the collegiate stage or professionally. 

The NISA Independent Cup features teams like Detroit City FC, FC Buffalo, Cleveland SC, to name a few.  The league is split into multiple regions, while the Georgia Revolution FC will compete in the Southeast region. 

The NISA Independent Cup is the perfect opportunity for players to showcase their talent.  Georgia Revolution FC have played three games, but have yet to register a win. They have been battling and working hard, and currently have 2 points, after two draws and one loss.  Despite this, there’s still a chance that they can qualify for the regional finals.  The Georgia Revolution FC is filled with many skilled and hungry players and led by a great coach. 

All the NISA Independent Cup details can be found on the National Independent Soccer Association’s  Facebook page, with links to live streams of the games.  Be sure to tune in and see soccer at it’s finest! 

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