ATLANTA, GEORGIA—After the Panthers defeated Old Dominion 3-1, Gavin Williams scored the game-winning goal to advance the team to the Sun Belt Conference Championship Semifinals. In the first half, Georgia State scored three goals in 10 minutes without receiving a response from ODU.

Less than a week before the two teams battle on Sunday night, Georgia State had defeated the Old Dominion Monarchs, 3-2, and was going into the quarterfinal game in Huntington, West Virginia. The Monarchs scored the game’s opening goal in the 26th minute. The goal followed an ODU free kick headed into the top right corner of the goal.

Max Wilkins responded to their goal in the 28th minute with a score of his own. Ramon Munoz hammered a shot into the box, where Wilkins connected with the ball to score. In the match’s 37th and 39th minutes, Georgia State added two more goals in two minutes to make it 3-1 for the Panthers. G. Williams scored the game-winning goal.

Williams tried to stop a ball after the Monarch Keeper came out, but she was unsuccessful. Williams was in a prime position to score a wide-open goal and give the Panthers the lead when no defenders were in the way. Ross Finnie’s free-kick was headed in by Jack Hilton-Jones for the game’s final goal. The Monarchs were outshot by the Panthers, 15-6, in the second half, but they could not respond.

ODU was only given five shots in the first half, two of which were on target, while only allowing the Panthers to get one shot off. For a second-half shutout, the back line of Clay Dawes, Munoz, Hilton-Jones, and Evan Schroeder all made crucial defensive plays. Gunther Rankenburg, the goalkeeper, made seven saves, including six in the second half. In terms of overall saves (66) and saves per game, he is presently ranked second in the Sun Belt. On Wednesday, November 9, at 7 p.m., the Panthers will take on James Madison in the Semifinals. Fans may follow along on LiveStats or watch the action live on ESPN+ in Huntington, West Virginia.