THE OLD FIRM could be set to go into battle outside of the UK for the first time in their history – with the USA the likely destination.

Chief Operating Officer Ali Russell has revealed that he believes there is scope for the two teams to meet either post-season or pre-season and they could face each other more than once.

There was talk of a match in Boston last year but Rangers backed out of the deal as they felt it would not have been the most neutral of venues.

And the prospect of the Old Firm going to head to head in the States is back on the agenda.

Russell said: “I would like to see us take the Old Firm fixture abroad but we have to be careful because we don’t want Rangers to become the lesser brand.

“We have a strong tradition at Rangers and we have to make sure we play on an equal footing. Boston was the right idea but maybe the wrong city.

“It might be that we take it to somewhere neutral or it might be that it’s more than one game which gives you an opportunity to create a home and away scenario.

“We haven’t even scratched the surface with the Old Firm rivalry. It is one of the most intense environments you will ever see and it is probably the biggest rivalry in world football.

“I think both clubs and both sets of fans should be applauded for creating that rivalry. Neutrals find it intoxicating and I would be interested in taking it abroad, whether that’s pre-season or post-season.”

Speaking in the Mail on Sunday he added: “There is no such thing as an Old Firm friendly. It would be an intense occasion and that would have real mileage across the world.

“The clubs have worked together in the past in terms of securing sponsors such as Tennent’s. There’s no doubt there is a huge Irish and Scottish affinity in the US so that would suggest there is an opportunity for us to develop the brand there – in isolation and through collaboration.”