For folks looking for something different to do from our routine they may wish to consider joining an adult team sport. Too often in our lives the team sport aspect of little league or soccer or football is lost on our older lives and all the problems and burdens which come with that. Reject those burdens though this fall and sign up with one of the adult soccer leagues around Atlanta!

One Touch Soccer is one of the prominent adult soccer leagues in the area. They have a pretty standard set of adult registration rules and requirements.

Join a team at One Touch Soccer!

The One Touch Soccer league demands that you need to join with a full team of 8-14 members. You have to submit the full roster along with a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your teams place in the league. The remaining balance of the $720 team fee is due prior to the start of play.
Start date for the fall session in 2012 is the week of August 26; winter session the week of November 4.

Team sports is a great way to relive stress, keep fit and have fun. Why not put together an adult soccer team all your own?