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Helping the process of shaping future generations can actually be more fulfilling than personal achievements. This is true, especially in the world of sports, particularly soccer. 

Player development has been one of the most integral components of soccer. Shaping youth’s skills are essential in keeping and improving the quality that comes with the sport. Indeed, there will always be players passionate about soccer, but passion alone does not equate to success. Hence, there needs to be development programs to hone these player skills.

Let’s take a look at some of the player development programs in the city of Atlanta.

First in line is Atlanta United’s development program. If we’re going to talk about quality, this development program is the best for young players in Atlanta. Being a part of the club’s academy means that one trains at the highest level from a young age. Training is thorough and the intensity is unmatched. The players are given the opportunity to train in the most advanced facilities, with the latest equipment, technology, and medical knowledge available today. The development program has proven to be extremely effective in creating results. 

The Atlanta United academy has given many young players the chance to play and excel in the professional and collegiate levels, truly living up to the purpose of player development.

However, being accepted into Atlanta United’s academy is very competitive. More often than not, with professional academies, the competition level and high standards become too much for many players.  However, there are other development programs offered by lower-tier teams. These include Georgia Revolution FC’s academy, Georgia Soccer’s academy, and Southern Soccer Academy. These teams also provide excellent development programs for young stars, and they even share the same vision, objectives, and goals as that of a professional team’s academy. While not at the pro side, these programs can help the players reach the collegiate and  professional level as well

Joining clubs and academies is the best way to develop as a player, but there is a degree one must attain before being considered to join these clubs. However, there are also Atlantan development programs that are outside club academies. One of them is Soccer in the Streets. 

Soccer in the Streets focuses on using soccer as a vehicle to teach kids the values of hard work, leadership, and discipline – all while helping hone their soccer skills. This organization has been helping the youth of Atlanta since 1989. They support kids from different communities to excel in soccer and gain an advantage in non-soccer opportunities with the skills they learn.

While soccer is and will always be a competition, the sport’s impact is one that goes beyond just a game. Soccer has shown that it has given people from different walks of life an opportunity to succeed and to change their lives tremendously. Ultimately, the goal of player development is to teach kids how to excel in soccer and how to excel in life. Given that, these programs must continue to create an environment that is inclusive, boundary-breaking, and tolerant. After all, the goal is to create hard-working and driven individuals for the next generation. 

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