With the announcement that Jonathan Gonzalez is staying in Monterrey until the end of the year, it looks like the Atlanta United has missed out on a promising young player to add to their team. It is time to find and recruit a firepower in the hope of finishing the season strong. 

Below are a few names that should be considered and how they can contribute to the team.

Hatem Ben Arfa

Hatem Ben Arfa, one of France’s best-rated talents, appears to be available. Looking like his career is a bit past his prime, the player could be open to playing in America. Although he is in his mid-30s, Ben Arfa still has a few good years left. The French athlete has had multiple stints for clubs like Paris Saint Germain and Hull City but is best remembered for his time in Newcastle United FC. 

Hatem is a brilliant attacking right-winger who can still make plays. Even though he’s been quite controversial and criticized for his off-the-field discipline problems, it seems that he could get past that.

Keaton Parks

This young player from New York City FC is a special one and can be brought to the club in place of Gonzalez. With his six-foot-four tall frame and his poise and confidence in controlling the ball in the midfield, he has a chance to unlock his potential at the club.

He’s wiry and has a good eye for the pass – the traits that were the factors in bringing in a player like Gonzalez. Keaton, however, has the strength that Gonzalez doesn’t possess, given his above-average frame. In his time at Benfica, he showed that he could make great finds and assist forwards. Given those strengths, he poses some points of improvement. Parks isn’t the quickest on the court, and could use some help in improving his agility or movement around the field. His defense also needs to be improved, given his record of catching the referee’s whistle.

The former player has been on loan for prestigious European clubs like Benfica and was a product of the American-based, Liverpool FC-affiliated Liverpool Warriors. It will be very interesting to see if a team like Atlanta United can bring him in and set his career up for the best.


It’s exciting to know who Atlanta United can get before the transfer window ends. We’ll be hoping to see more additions, whether within the league or from other leagues as well. By the look of things, it seems as if interim coach Stephen Glass is trying to get back those fiery, aggressive methods as his main points of execution. We look forward to seeing that come to fruition. 

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