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Despite the disappointing season, Atlanta United find themselves in a position to compete for silverware. The second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League, which will be played tomorrow, December 17, 2020, is the last opportunity for Atlanta United to compete this season.  Even if it’s the final game of the season, it doesn’t make the match any easier. The second leg will surely be a battle.

Entering the second leg, Atlanta United trails in the series. It’s tough to win a series, let alone to have to come back from three goals down. The way the team has been playing, Atlanta United is at a massive disadvantage. Soccer fans know how tough it is to win a two-leg series, especially being already down, but it’s definitely not impossible. 

For Atlanta United to win, we need to see an outstanding team performance. The fans, players, and coaches know going into this game that if Club America scores another goal, the series is likely to be over. It’s crucial that the defense stays 100% focused the entire game, but that’s not even the hardest part.  For most of this season, they’ve struggled to find the net consistently. They dominate the possession but lack the goals to win.

For the Five Stripes to win this, they need to score a goal or two early.  It’s a big task, but motivation and spirit can help them prevail.

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