US Soccer, Is it Klinsmann’s fault? Possibly

In the wake of the past few losses there has been a lot of discussion about the cause of our problems. We lost to Mexico in a fairly well contested game and will now not be going to the Confederations Cup. Klinsmann decided then to bring in some new players and test them out against Costa Rica and the team again lost, and this time it was not so well contested. The morning after each game I look at what the press is saying and listen to a talk show on XM radio. Most of the press seem to think that we do not have good enough players to win. There are also individuals who think Klinsmann is picking the wrong players. When I watch a game I see something completely different. The National team players are not working as a group defensively, especially in the other team’s end. The higher ups at US Soccer must realize what we have and find a way to win. Instead of looking for a new striker to put the ball in the goal or a new center back to win balls in the back, find a way to win with the players that are here now.
There will be times when the other team has better players than the United States has produced. When a team has better players you defend with a group, you keep the spacing very tight defensively, you force them to play negative balls. The coaching staff needs to adjust instead of talking about what they don’t have. There are plenty of countries able to more with less than what we have available. Maybe we need to follow the model they are using. Instead of looking at how Germany does it why not look at how a nation without as much talent can find a result. Find a way to win.
When I watch the US team play I see players trying to win balls defensively while the rest of the team watches them. The entire team must be engaged all of the time, there should not ever be only one player on the field playing. The United States culture with all of the highlights, chest pounding, and celebration of great individuals will never help us win in international soccer. To win in international soccer we need a team of players who work tirelessly and selflessly for one another and help one another on the field. We don’t need better players, we need a great team. I am not sure if Klinsmann has the right approach.