Atlanta United’s second match against Orlando SC ended in a much closer score than their first game. Concluding in a 1-1 draw, the Five Stripes’ performance was considerably better than their previous encounter with the statistics showing their improvement. 

More Dangerous in the Attack

The stats from the game in terms of shots on goal showed that Atlanta United had a total of 9 shots and registered six on target, which is much better than their recent performances. It may not be what we want from the team, but having 67% of the total shots land on target definitely shows that they are going in the right direction.

Atlanta United had more control of the ball with over 54% possession. But it’s what they did with the ball that left fans astounded. The heart and determination that the team showed with the last-minute equalizer was something we all have missed.  

Another Solid Defensive Showing

Another game, another great defensive show. Contrary to the teams’ first meeting, where the defense looked lost and had error after error, this game was much better. After the Inter Miami match, in which the team saw a clean sheet, the statistics showed again that the defense looked a whole lot better. Although Orlando SC had a total of 15 shots, they only registered four on target. It could be a terrible shooting, but the defense should get credit for their performance as well. Limiting their shots on target meant that the defense was forcing the offense to take bad shots. After back to back good defensive performances, hopefully this is the start of consistently good performances. 

With the recent news about the release of a few Atlanta United long-serving members, it seems like the team is going through some serious changes.

As fans, it’s good to see a change in the club’s overall performance. The next few weeks or months will be a critical time for the club. Again, our team should be held to a higher standard than what we have been seeing. There have been recent changes and it seems that Atlanta United is finally showing improvement.

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