ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Two soccer stars are not too happy with the proposal of FIFA to hold the World Cup every two years amid growing concerns over player welfare.
Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski said having the World Cup every two years will be a burden to the players since they already have too many games to play.
“I’m not a fan. We already have so many games to play every each year, so many tough weeks, not only matches because we have a lot of weeks of preparation whether for the season or for big tournaments,” Lewandowski said.
“If we want to offer something a little different, which breaks the routine, it is also necessary to take breaks,” Lewandowski added.
Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe supported the idea of Lewandowski that having the World Cup every two years will be a burden to them.
“World Cup, every two years? I can’t say if it’s right or wrong. It’s something unique that happens every four years. Playing it every two years would become a normal competition,” Mbappe said.
“I agree with Robert, we already play 60 games a year and there are already a lot of competitions. We are happy to play, but when it’s too much, it is too much. If you want to have quality, you have to allow the players to rest,” Mbappe added.
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said at a “global summit” of leaders of national football federations earlier this month that he believes he has enough votes to increase the frequency of the World Cup from every four years to two.