Soccer has provided us with another unforgettable moment. Rovers FC, the current 4th seed in the ADASL 2020 Summa Cup has advanced to the finals after beating first seed Club ATLetic in a thrilling penalty shootout. An unexpected, but well-deserved victory. A remarkable feat for a team that is still relatively fresh to the competitive scene. 


With all of the issues that the Rovers had this season, nobody expected them to make it this far. Not only is this their inaugural season in the league, but they had to compete during the global pandemic.  It was undoubtedly a challenge for them to train at times or to develop team chemistry with all of the health and safety restrictions. All of that combined with the challenge of facing an established first-division winner, Club ATLetic, it appeared that the odds were against them. However, the Rovers showed up with the drive and hunger to win. 


Club ATLetic, for those who follow Atlanta soccer and the ADASL, are a well-established team and proven winners. They have the talent and the experience to be strong contenders in any tournament they compete in. If you take a look at the statistics in this tournament, Club ATLetic was the first seed, and their star striker, Wilfried Tchoupa, was the top candidate for the golden boot with 9 goals in the tournament. It was truly a classic David vs. Goliath matchup.

The game ended scoreless, so both teams went to a penalty shootout. Penalty shootouts are always thrilling and this shootout was no different. The Rovers managed to prevail victorious with heroic moments coming from their goalkeeper and their kickers. This was a huge moment for the team and for the ADASL. We witnessed greatness unfold and we cannot wait for the finals!


Rovers FC takes on Majestic SC in the 2020 Summa Cup finals, who will be an extremely tough opponent. Majestic SC won their semi-final battle against Vinotinto ATL with a convincing 5-0 victory, which is an intimidating outcome for the Rovers and their fans.  However, the Rovers have shown they are not afraid of a challenge. The final game will be held on February 21, 2021, at Brook Run Park, with a  2:00 PM start time. 

To watch the Live Stream:

This is an exciting matchup for Rovers FC fans and for all Atlanta soccer fans as well!

CLXL4296-300x200 Rovers FC advance to ADASL Summa Cup 2020 Finals