Adrienne Saxon is a soccer coach who works with inner city kids. She was held up at gunpoint by someone she might be meant to save.

“I kind of put my hand a little bit in his face because I wanted to get his gun out of my face,” Saxon said.

Saxon stepped out of the Octane Coffee Bar on Memorial Drive Monday night to charge her cell phone and make a call in her van, but when the call ended, a thief approached her window.

“He came to my driver’s side door with a gun and said, ‘Don’t say anything, don’t say anything. Give me your laptop,'” Saxon said. “It probably happened in five seconds.”

But what’s shocking about the crime is the crook who robbed Saxon might the same kind of person she tries to save with her work at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“I create and manage inner city soccer leagues,” Saxon said. “I work with the kids show them they can act differently than which they see around them and expose them to different ways of living.”

Saxon said she has no ill will towards the crook that got away with her stuff, and she hopes the robber will soon see the light.

“I’ve been praying for them to find wholeness and freedom,” Saxon said.

Police said there weren’t any cameras in the area that caught the crook in the act.  Investigators urge anyone with information in the case to call 911.