Georgia Soccer team performing community service in Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge is drawing in crowds of soccer players for the Youth National Championship. Six teams are coming from one soccer academy in Georgia.

The GSA 01 Premier Team has goals on and off the soccer field. They’re working with a Baton Rouge Prevention Education Program called “I Care” and are reading to students at an elementary school in Baton Rouge.

The assistant manager is hoping his players can help make a difference.

“Not only just being read to, but being able to see older kids in academics as well. So they can foster and get the sense that older kids have been where they are now and education is key for everything,” said GSA Assistant Manager Keith Toney.

The GSA players are not only talented athletes, but gifted students as well. They say they’re excited to get involved in the Baton Rouge community – and the city is just as excited to have them here.