ATLANTA, GEORGIA—A 15-year-old promising soccer player who was killed while assisting a boy being bullied in 2006 in White City, London got a well-deserved honor 15 years after his death.
Kiyan Prince has been included by EA Sports in the new FIFA 21 computer game.
Prince who died of a single stab wound to the chest outside his school due to the incident will have a computer-generated character in the FIFA 21 computer game.
According to reports, Prince will look like a 30-year-old soccer player in the computer game and will be available for selection for players on EA Sports’ FIFA 21 computer game.
Aside from the computer game, Kiyan’s likeness will also adorn some of the UK’s most iconic billboards, including at Piccadilly Circus, as part of an advertising campaign for JD Sports.
Kiyan’s father, Dr. Mark Prince, a former IBF and WBO Inter-Continental light-heavyweight boxing champion has expressed great joy at the huge honor given to his son.
“The thing that God placed in my heart from the beginning was that your son is not going to die for no reason,” Prince told Reuters in an interview.
To ensure Kiyan’s character would look realistic in the computer game, special effects studio Framestore have designed Kiyan’s FIFA character with help from scientists at the University of Bradford, family, friends, former teammates, and coaches.

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