ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Sources reveal FC Barcelona is having a hard time registering the new five-year deal of superstar player Lionel Messi due to the huge spending of the Spanish soccer club.
According to reports, La Liga has yet to accept the deal since Barca has yet to reduce its salary spending to fit the spending limits of La Liga next season.
La Liga president Javier Tebas already said that he will not relax the rules for Barcelona, and a failure to get their finances in order could see Messi, unable to play until at least January, as happened with Getafe midfielder Pedro Leon in 2014.
Sources said Barca has until the end of the transfer window on Aug. 31 to submit Messi’s deal and their new signings to La Liga, but internally they want everything resolved before Aug. 15, when they kick off their league season at home to Real Sociedad.
It was reported to the media earlier that Messi decided to cut his pay in his new deal to the La Liga team.
It can be recalled that the 34-year-old’s previous contract, which was worth over €500 million ($594m) over four years, expired at the stroke of midnight on June 30.
After his contract expired many people speculated that Messi will decide to play somewhere else.
However, after careful thinking, Messi eventually decided to sign a new deal with Barca.
Aside from his desire to continue playing for FCB, one reason Messi decided to re-sign with the soccer club is due to the return of Joan Laporta as FC Barcelona president in March.

By bob

A veteran soccer journalist who is an avid fan of Atlanta United and Lionel Messi.