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The world of soccer never sleeps. News is always circulating, especially in the city of Atlanta – this is why we are here. Atlanta Soccer News is the number one provider of news and information regarding anything and everything related to soccer in Georgia and all of the Southeast. We follow the soccer community and make stories accessible to the public. 


Founded in 1994, Atlanta Soccer News aims to promote and help the soccer community in Atlanta grow. The company’s vision is to be the catalysts to propel the sport to newfound heights. From where it was in 1994, soccer has grown immensely. The sport’s recognition has progressively increased over the years, and we are determined to keep this upward trend going. Soccer is a sport we love, and we wish to spread it to more people in the community.


To achieve these goals, we made it a mission to report on stories around the city that are worth sharing. We share stories about the Atlanta United, the heart and pride of soccer in the city, amateur leagues such as the ADASL, weekend leagues, soccer academies, and all other soccer news, here and abroad. With information and announcements, we can spread the word and change the way soccer is perceived in Atlanta.


As the leading source of information on soccer news in Atlanta, GA, and all of the Southeast, we can take this amazing sport to the next level. Soccer is currently at a really good place, but as it continues to grow, especially with more awareness in our local communities,  it can reach greater heights.