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Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (ADASL)’s 2020 Summa Cup’s semi-finals are set to begin on January 10th! The year will start in an exhilarating way in Atlanta- what better way to start the new year than with soccer? 

Since its resumption, the Summa Cup has provided a lot of exciting soccer. Through the first three weekends, the league was high-scoring. The lockdown did not seem to affect the teams too much, since they all seem to have had on their shooting boots. The semi-finals matchups are between Club ATLetic (1) vs. Rovers FC (4) and Majestic SC (2) vs. Vinotinto ATL (3). All of these games will be exciting ones to watch, with each team having a lot to offer.

Club ATLetic

Club ATL is the crowd favorite because they are the highest-scoring team. Wilfried Tchoupa, Club ATLetic’s main talisman, is looking to continue his hot streak. His performances in the semi-finals will be crucial for Club ATLetic. Also, Club ATLetic has three other players with five goals each, which speaks volumes on their attacking side They are obviously the favorites – and for good reason. 

Rovers FC

Although they are ranked as the fourth seed, Rovers FC is not a team to underestimate. They started the Summa Cup very strong, registering five wins while scoring 28 goals in the process. What makes it more impressive is that this is their first year together. In a tough 2020 year, nobody expected a new team to make it this far, but Rovers FC proved everyone wrong. Although they face a powerful Club ATLetic team, they have the firepower and talent to even defeat Club ATLetic.

Majestic SC

Clinching the second seed is no other than Majestic SC. Their 2020 Summa Cup campaign has been brilliant. The cohesiveness that the team has shown has been crucial to their success. They may not score an outrageous number of goals, but they know how to get the job done and get results. Their defensive and attack styles are so balanced, that it can give any team a run for their money. Their match against Vinotinto ATL will be a thrilling encounter, with lots of surprises.

Vinotinto ATL

Vinotinto ATL completes the semi-finalists. They are one of those teams that may not appear as electrifying as others, but they do get the job done as well. Their squad has the perfect balance of experience and talent that can sneak up on teams and prove to be a problem for the opposition. They have the hunger and drive to win it all.

All of the semi-finals games will be played on January 10th. The matchups are very exciting because all of these teams are pretty much evened up. At the end of the day, it will come down to who is the hungriest and wants this cup more. As soccer fans, we can not wait for these matches. It should make for some compelling and exciting soccer! Be sure to stay updated with all of the latest news on ADASL’s social media platforms. Best of luck to all teams!

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