Greetings from up in the cool mountains of North Carolina!
We hope you’re staying alive this summer with all this heat! Don’t worry though, you’ll be up here in Asheville come September 3/4 and it’ll be plenty cooler for yall! For those not in the know, the Beer City Cup is an 8v8 tournament played over two days in Asheville, NC, with some of Asheville’s (Beer City 3 years running) served onsite at the semis & finals for $1. 

Soccer+Beer+Cool Mountain Weather= Good times!

On to some announcements!

Not sure what you want first, so let’s just unload.

First of all, we have decided to keep the registration fee at $400 for all teams who want to play in this year’s Beer City Cup. We want to put on a good tournament and want teams to be able to come. With the prize money we give away, we’re not going to be making a profit unless you and your teammates drink all of the beer!

BEER! We have four of Asheville’s finest breweries to showcase at this years tourney. We’ll have Asheville Brewing Company’s-‘Shiva IPA’, PisgahBrewing Company’s-‘Pisgah Pale Ale’, Craggie Brewings’s-‘Toubab Brewe’ and Green Man Brewing’s ‘ESB’. We are proud to offer not only some of the tastiest beverages in Asheville, we mean America, wait… the world!! But, we want a party at the semi’s and final’s and will be selling cold beers for a buck!!! Yep, one dollar, folks….

“WHO HAS ENTERED”:  As we all know, registration forms seem to come in at the last minute. But, compared to last year, having 21 teams between 3 divisions, we have a month to go and we already have 21 teams (between 5 divisions). So, the majority of registrants are probably still ahead of us. We hope to max out each division and have 40+ teams!!! 

The Open Division is shaping up nicely with the returning finalist’s already claiming spots. Open has 7 teams entered at the moment. Over 30 is shaping up as well and already has 4 teams. Over 40s are coming along and the Over 50s are one team shy of filling up their flight! As always, Co-Ed is gonna rock with 5 teams already claiming spots. Co-Ed may turn into a 10-12 team division by the time the first whistle blows!

In an effort to help teams fill up their rosters, NCASA has a one-time tournament player pass they can issue for the Beer City Cup. It’s $10 and will cover an unregistered player for the tournament only. The one page registration form can be found on the website… under ‘Registration and Rules’.
As a reminder, registration for the tournament closes the 15th of this month. If your teams division is full (8 teams), we will put you on a waiting list and admit your team if a 10th team enters. We do want as many teams as possible to play, but logistics do play in to making the tournament function properly within the Saturday and Sunday parameters.

More info and the schedule will be coming soon. Please round up your troops and bring your teams to the Beer City Cup. Everyone who played last year had a blast on and off the field. Our tournament’s facilities are either minutes from your hotel, or a walk from downtown. Asheville is easy, the weather is great, the soccer kicks ass and the beer is worth the trip all by itself. Asheville’s finest street festival happens to be the same weekend too! And it’s free! Check it out:

We look forward to getting your registration forms in the coming days! Feel free to email with questions.

Beer City Cup Tournament Committee

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