When it comes to international competition, the United States has proven that they can compete in multiple sports. Our country has achieved prestige in gymnastics, basketball, swimming, baseball, golf, and more.   However, the one sport that we haven’t achieved the highest level in yet is soccer.

Even with international legends like Landon Donovan, George Weah, and Clint Dempsey, who have proven to be exceptional players, they all failed to win significant awards in the international stage. Despite this, there seem to be lots of promise with the talent that has emerged in the country. 

Let’s take a look at the future of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT). 

If the conversation is about the future of USMNT, Christian Pulisic is immediately going to be associated with the team’s eventual success or failure. At the young age of 21, Pulisic has exhibited incredible talent and is making his way to becoming a U.S soccer legend.

In 34 international games, he has scored 14 goals and captained the side. He is valued at around $70 million. There is no question that Pulisic needs to be in top form if the United States wants to win in future international competitions. While that seems like a lot of pressure for a young player, Pulisic has shown that he can excel, especially with his performance in his first season with Chelsea. His incredible, natural talent combined with his elite competitive mentality, Pulisic is sure to give100% in every game he plays. In big moments, stars tend to shine, and for the U.S. they need Pulisic to shine his brightest.

But what about the supporting cast? In recent years, several young players have shown confidence and talent.  Two of them are Tyler Adams and Weston Mckennie. These two midfielders can make a great partnership in the middle.  Both have exhibited tremendous growth in playing in the Bundesliga league in Germany. At the young ages of 21, Adams and Mckennie have yet to show their full potential, still learning their role in the midfield.

Mckennie has shown versatility in his style of play, but his strong suit is playing the engine role and breaking to the opposition box when the play in midfield is broken. With six goals in 19 USMNT games, it is clear to see that he can score a goal or two.  Much like Mckennie, Tyler Adams has yet to find his role in midfield. However, his athleticism, technical ability, and growth have shown that he can become the player that brings the stability needed to bridge the team’s defense and attack.

On the defensive end, young stars Serginho Dest and Miles Robinson can provide a solid backline. 

Dest, who plays for Ajax, has yet to break through and show his full potential. But many expect him to become an integral part of the Ajax team, given his pace and technical ability for a full back.  Robinson, who plays for Atlanta United, has proved season after season that he is a true defensive leader. Having multiple individual awards, such as being a part of the MLS Best 11, Robinson has shown incredible talent in tracking down opponents, tackling, and breaking up opposition attacks.  Competitions are often a game of defense.  These two players will undoubtedly have a significant role to play for the future success of USMNT.

The future of soccer in the U.S. looks brighter than ever.  By the looks of the players that have emerged, it may be too soon to call them a golden generation, but perhaps we will soon witness the USMNT  win big in the international soccer stage.

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