The Silverbacks returned to the field, with over 3,500 fans in attendance. Ultimately, they lost 2-1 in an exciting game against Minnesota.

The multi-colored seats at the Silverbacks’ stadium near Spaghetti Junction were filled with revelers on Saturday night as the team opened its season against the Minnesota Stars. They made an exciting comeback in the second half, but ultimately fell 2-1 when a goal was scored against them with seconds left to play.

The crowd was an interesting mix of Little League teams and international residents, all of whom dug out their red and black and renewed their passion for the team, which had taken a two-year hiatus from play. The Silverbacks said that 3,543 people were in attendance.

Both teams seemed to be getting their footing in the first minutes of the game. The visiting team took the lead when Kentaro Takada hit a close shot in the 57th minute.

Atlanta striker Matt Horth made a strong showing, taking several shots at the goal before getting one by Minnesota goalkeeper Joe Warren in the 64th minute.

The Silverbacks held the majority of possession in the second half, according to stats released by the team, as the crowd and fan section became increasingly animated. 

The Silverbacks gave Stars midfielder Andrei Gotsmanov a free kick with seconds left on the clock. It was just outside the reach of the Silverbacks’ goalkeeper, giving Minnesota their first victory of the season in a down-to-the-wire game. 

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