A new ECNL Girls Regional League in California was launched by the ECNL. The nation’s best teams in Southern California will have a more defined and improved player development route starting with the inaugural season of the ECNL Regional League-Southern Cal.

For teams and clubs going ahead, the ECNL Regional League – Southern Cal will establish a competitive pyramid in the Southern California region. With the formation of this new league, there will be a direct route from the ECNL Girls Southwest Conference to the ECNL Regional League-Southwest and the ECNL Regional League-Southern Cal. Teams from the ECNL Regional League-Southern California and the ECNL Regional League-Southwest will play each other in the postseason for spots in the ECNL Regional League Finals each year, along with teams from other ECNL Regional Leagues in the area.

For several years, Texas has had an ECNL Regional League competition system. In addition to offering intense competition and entry to ECNL RL National Events, this structure has made it possible for some clubs to advance up the pyramid.

Based on their results in postseason play and across numerous age categories, FC Westlake girls and Arkansas Rising girls were both promoted into the ECNL RL – Texas one year ago from the ECNL RL – USC and the ECNL RL – North Texas, respectively. (For the 2024–2025 season, FC Westlake has also gained promotion from the ECNL RL–Texas into the ECNL Boys–Texas Conference on the boys’ side.)

With the backing of nine ECNL teams, the ECNL Regional League – Southern Cal will debut this autumn. Depending on how well the clubs perform on other competition platforms, several more clubs will be added in the fall of 2025. In other areas, this phased introduction strategy has been effective in fostering cautious expansion with well-defined benchmarks and anticipations for every club. One such example is the new yearly mandate for digital coach education for all coaches employed by the ECNL and ECNL RL.

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