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Louise Kay

English Premiership Predictions: Want to know what the coolest prognosticator in the world have to say about the matches upcoming on the weekend? Take a look and listen to Miss Louise Kay as she brings her very own special brand of football league predictions to us all the way from London, England.

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SAFC Keroche

New Coach and Match Friendly results avaialble for review!

This Week At WFN!

Miss Louise Kay is back this week with more English Prem predictions. Angry Sherard has some thoughts on current topics in football as well as reviews of recent marquee college matche-ups.  Our Weekly Podcasthits a landmark 60th episode that includes interviews with a couple of figures in the local footie world. Our footie team from Kenya, Sunderland AFC Keroche is in full flow preparing for 2013!

Our Mission: World Footie Net is a portal to the beautiful game of football and involving discussion of games, players, fashion, music and culture. WFN does not limit it’s scope of coverage of the game and looks to engage the sport at every level.

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WFN Weekly Podcast

Episode 60:
No round table this week, instead, we have 2 interviews with 2 different figures in the game.Miss Louise Kay &Mattias Schnorf feature in this very special video podcast!