5.) Defense
  • Toure from Arsenal was looking at dumping him. Ever since he came back from the African Cup of Nations a couple of years ago, he was never the same.
  • They let in too many goals last year and haven’t done anything about it.

4.) Midfield

  • Shaun Wright-Phillips is throwing away his career. He was a waste at Chelsea and will not start here.
  • Kompany should be playing defense. Will he ever get healthy?
  • Berry is an ok buy. With the money they are splashing, they could have done better.

3.) Offense

  • Lots of buys but these are all second tier players.
  • They sold their best young prospect Daniel Sturridge. We are seeing a pattern here.

2.) Chemistry

  • All of the buys have been known head cases.
  • Lets list them: Robinho; Bellamy; Adebayor; Tevez. All of these guys are going to be disruptive in the locker room.
  • His only hope is that they hate each other bad enough that they rally around the coach. More likely is that they will stab him in the back.

1.) Coach is what seals the deal.

  • #1 in the sack race.
  • He hired all these head cases. City is top heavy with strikers and that wasn’t their problem last year.
  • He has executed one bad move after another.
  • They need to hire Moyes, then they will break top 5. And the owners will realize this early in the season.

City #6 only because they hire Moyes half way through the season with a Ronaldo size deal.