Tragedy hit the Atlanta Soccer Community when one our most well known and liked members died on Sunday.

This is the latest information forwarded this morning.

Team – Ohana FC Thunder, former players and friends…….

If you have not already heard, Ken Palmer passed away last night after an apparent series of heart attacks.

We played at 5:00 p.m. game at Mudd Creek and Ken played most of the time up until about 25 minutes into the 2nd half. He was on the far side of the field when he asked to be subbed out. The guys yelled for me to get someone in and Ken just walked off on the far side and hunched over. He seemed tired and just sat up and stayed over there. Steve Bek was subbed out shortly after and sat with Ken for the rest of the game. He came back over to the team after the game and did not speak with me. He just grabbed his gear and went to the parking lot. I assumed that he had left. I asked Steve what was up with Ken and he said Ken had told him that he had shortness of breath. Well, apparently he had not made it out of the parking lot as some people noticed Ken sitting in his car and not moving. An Ambulance came and he apparently had a series of smaller heart attacks until what must have been a massive one at the Hospital. They could not resuscitate him the final time.

Kenny Palmer RIP


A father, a friend and one of us. Kenny was a big part of the Atlanta Soccer Community. Whether you played with him, against him or hung out with him….Kenny was a great man. He will be missed!

Kenny Palmer
passed away after his game Sunday evening March 10th, 2013

Kenny leaves behind family including 3 daughters, Shawn, Jessica, Adrianna and a son, Johnathan
and many, many soccer friends

Preliminary information
Viewing – Friday evening 6 – 8pm
Funeral – Saturday
the family has not released final details

CASL is setting up a Memorial Trust and that information will be updated as well

Kenny played on many teams with in (& without) the league.
Here are just a few.. if I missed one please send along

Ohana FC Thunder
Ohana FC Honu
Ohana FC Kekoas
Hooligans FC
Soccer 3v3dotcom
Rovers FC
Cobb FC
Saturn FC
Express Coed
South Park Kenny

from Karon Beyer CASL

Many of us will be honoring Kenny though out the year. I you have pictures, info or memories that you would like to share. Please email