ATLANTA, GEORGIA—UFC legend Conor McGregor has committed to do great things for Manchester United if ever his plans to buy the European soccer club becomes successful.
McGregor expressed interest to buy Manchester United after many fans of the Premier League club criticized the American owner of the team for joining the failed European Super League.
The fans protested and wanted the Glazer family to give up their ownership to the widely popular European soccer team.
On April 20, McGregor tweeted: “Hey guys, I’m thinking about buying Manchester United! What do you think?”
Professional soccer experts said buying Manchester United will not be easy for McGregor and his team since they need additional funding as the estimated network of McGregor is only £120 million/£180 million to $300 million, lower than the value of United at £3 billion.
In a statement, United owner Joel Glazer apologized to the fans for his actions saying he deeply cared for the team.
“I want to reassure you that my family and I care deeply about Manchester United and feel a profound sense of responsibility to protect and enhance its strength for the long-term while respecting its values and traditions,” Glazer said in a statement dated May 7.