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ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The Atlanta Rovers FC might be the underdog in its match-up against former United Premier Soccer League champion Kalonji Pro-Profile. Still, the team is ready to fight for pride and honor and could pull off a surprise in the 2022 UPSL Georgia Summer Regional Cup finals on August 13 at the South Gwinnett Park Stadium.

Atlanta Rovers FC Coach AB Aloui said his troops have trained hard to give Kalonji a run for their money and might end up as champion in their tournament. “Kolanji has set the bar recently in the UPSL, and we are aware of their quality. However, I think our team is ready for the challenge and might pull off a surprise or two. It should be a good game,” Aloui said.

In the previous meetings of the two soccer clubs, Kalonji always had the advantage in the end. Still, this time, Rovers FC has something up its sleeves that would give them a winning advantage against their favored opponent, who their U-23 team will represent.

Expected to provide scoring for the Rovers in the finals are forward Fidel Mba F. Mba Nsi and the duo of Jackson Bates and Luke Sexton. Rovers FC got the championship slot after beating SEAS Jamaica All-Stars 2-1 in their semifinal duel at the South Gwinnett Park  Stadium at 8 in the evening last July 30.

Bates and Sexton provided the goals for Rovers in their win. Kalonji got the slot for the championship after they beat Potros FC 2-1 in the other semifinal duel. The UPSL is an American professional development soccer league founded in Santa Ana, California.

The teams are considered regionalized conferences throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The league was founded in 2011 by Santa Ana Winds FC President Leonel López as a regional league for teams in Greater Los Angeles but expanded to include teams from 32 states as of the 2019 UPSL season.

Each year, two seasons are played, with regional play culminating in a playoff system that crowns a single national champion each season. The league features internal promotion and relegation with up to three levels in some regions; only clubs in the top tier, Division I, are eligible to compete for the national championship. The league is a United States Adult Soccer Association National League within the United States soccer league system.

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