2021 UPSL Spring Schedule2021 UPSL Spring Schedule

The UPSL was founded in 2011 and currently includes more than 300 teams Nationally. The UPSL is the fastest growing Pro Development League in the USA, with 400-plus teams targeted for 2021/22 Season. Each UPSL team is individually owned and operated, and is responsible for maintaining UPSL minimum standards at all tier levels.

Georgia UPSL Rankings

  1. Atletico Atlanta, +1 from last week (W 2-0 over Rovers FC). This is the swagger we were expecting from Atletico from the start. After an unconvincing draw with Seas Jamaica last week, they shook off the dust and grabbed a victory, one that put them at the top of the table for now. They’ve still got work to do in order to get back to their attacking prowess we’ve grown to expect, but the clean sheet is definitely promising. After Seas slipped up, they’re the best team in the division until proven otherwise.
  2. FC Matata, +1 from last week (no match). They had a week off, but we remember their 4-0 drubbing of Atlanta Elephants, a team who redeemed themselves in a 4-3 win over Potros. Elephants aren’t awful; Matata simply overpowered them with their own quality. They’ll be a tough matchup for anyone here.
  3. LSA Limeño, +1 from last week (W 5-1 over Stone Mountain). Well, that was emphatic. LSA weren’t in action last week and had to watch fellow title hopefuls Matata dominate the Elephants. This week, they took care of their own business and left no room for doubt. They’ll need to prove they can do the same against a higher-quality team than Stone Mountain before we put them at the top, but that’s the type of win that proves they can beat–and be–the best.
  4. Seas Jamaica United, -3 from last week (D 1-1 v Forest Rovers). Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. The 1-1 scoreline was a lot more appealing at Atletico than it is here in a home match with Forest Rovers, and they’ll feel they could improve their attacking exploits. They aren’t out of contention for a top finish, but they’ll need to avoid dropping points against bottom-table sides if they have title aspirations.
  5. Kalonji Pro-Profile, +0 from last week (no match). It’s all expectancy to date for Kalonji, as they’re victims of a postponed match for the second straight contest. It’ll be exciting to see what Kalonji comes up with when they do appear on the field, but it’s hard to know what they’re capable of until then.
  6. Atlanta Elephants, +1 from last week (W 4-3 over Potros). The Elephants needed this one. There are still defensive concerns abounding for the Ivorians, as they’ve conceded three-plus goals for the second straight week. A win is a win, though, and this particular one is against a quality Potros side.
  7. Potros FC, -1 from last week (L 3-4 to Elephants). No one remembers your clean sheet last week when you concede four this week. To be fair to the second-season UPSL squad, though, they’re still making a lot of progress. If they can find a way to hold tight defensively in games like that, they could well be in the playoff mix down the stretch.
  8. Club ATLetic, +0 from last week (no match). They’ve still yet to see action, so we’ll have to wait and see what ATLetic can come up with.
  9. Forest Rovers, +1 from last week (D 1-1 v Seas Jamaica). Whenever you can match the result that Atletico earned the week before against the same team, that’s a good week. I still don’t know that they can expect to parlay that into a top six finish, but it’s certainly a nice result against Seas Jamaica, especially on the defensive end.
  10. Rovers FC, -1 from last week (L 0-2 to Atletico). It was always likely that the 2-0 win over Stone Mountain was more of a Stone-Mountain-is-flaming-garbage thing than a Rovers-are-title-contenders thing. A 2-0 loss to Atletico isn’t awful in itself, but they never threatened a team that’s already dropped points, so I think they’ve fallen back to earth a bit. Outside of Stone Mountain, they’ll be challenged by everyone in the league, so they’ll have to put goals in the back of the net on a weekly basis to stay competitive.
  11. FC Stone Mountain, +0 from last week (L 1-5 to LSA). That was not good, but we can’t say it wasn’t expected. That kind of lopsided loss will likely be the rule this spring, not the exception. LSA is a very good squad, but the whole league is capable of good days like that. Stone Mountain will hope they’re more competitive in the games that remain.

Here’s a look at where that puts us in terms of the table:

actual table

  1. Atletico Atlanta, 4 pts, +2 GD. Form: —DW
  2. LSA Limeño, 3 pts, +4 GD. Form: —-W
  3. FC Matata, 3 pts, +4 GD. Form: —-W
  4. Potros FC, 3 pts, 0 GD. Form: —WL
  5. Rovers FC, 3 pts, 0 GD. Form: —WL
  6. Atlanta Elephants, 3 pts, -3 GD. Form: —LW
  7. Seas Jamaica United, 2 pts, 0 GD. Form: —DD
  8. Forest Rovers FC, 1 pt, -1 GD. Form: —LD
  9. Club ATLetic, 0 pts, 0 GD. Form: —–
  10. Kalonji Pro-Profile, 0 pts, 0 GD. Form: —–
  11. FC Stone Mountain, 0 pts, -6 GD. Form: —LL

Here’s a look ahead, with all times eastern.

next week’s fixtures

  • 1) Atletico v 7) Potros – 3.27, 6 PM

Two streaks will be extended here, as Atletico get their second straight win and Potros fall short defensively. 4-2 to the champions.

  • 4) Seas Jamaica v 3) LSA – 3.28, noon

What a belter this match will be. Seas will be desperate to get the bad taste out of their mouth after a bad draw, but LSA has the hot hand. Two great attacking displays will cancel each other out; 2-2.

  • 9) Forest Rovers v 8) ATLetic – 3.28, 2 PM

ATLetic should finally get the chance to start proving themselves, and Forest Rovers are a winnable first fixture for sure. I think they’ll prevail 2-1.

  • 5) Kalonji v 2) Matata – 3.28, 4 PM

Kalonji has a lot of potential and no body of work to date. That will change instantly when they take on a hot Matata team that just got a week of rest. I think Matata will prove they’re the better side here with a well-contested 3-1 result.

  • 6) Elephants v 10) Rovers – 3.28, 6 PM

A lot of momentum rides on this Sunday afternoon outing for both sides. Rovers’ lack of attacking prowess will do them in and Atlanta will take the 3-1 win.

Last-placed FC Stone Mountain has the week off.

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