ATLANTA, GEORGIA—To allow old and retired soccer players to continue playing their game professionally, the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) Georgia Division is set to launch UPSL Masters Division for players over 40.
On its official Facebook page, UPSL Georgia said the UPSL Master Division will start in May 2022.
“It’s an opportunity to continue playing careers at a high, competitive level under the UPSL umbrella,” UPSL Georgia Division said.
UPSL is an American professional development soccer league founded in Santa Ana in Southern California.
The teams are considered regionalized conferences throughout the United States, and recently Canada and Mexico.
The league was founded in 2011 by Santa Ana Winds FC President Leonel López as a regional league for teams in Greater Los Angeles but expanded to include teams from 32 states as of the 2019 UPSL season.
Two seasons are played each year, with regional play culminating in a playoff system that crowns a single national champion each season.
The league features internal promotion and relegation with up to three levels in some regions; only clubs in the top tier Division I are eligible to compete for the national
The league is a United States Adult Soccer Association National League within the United States soccer league system.

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