ATLANTA, GEORGIA—In preparation for defending their title at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the United States women’s national team has permitted one of the new postage stamp designs that will be released by the USPS next year.

The USPS claims that the new collection’s several designs “reflect our unique American culture” and include several well-known people who have had a significant social impact. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former justice of the Supreme Court, is honored alongside Toni Morrison, Roy Lichtenstein, and Chief Standing Bear, a civil rights activist.

Additionally, there is a stamp honoring women’s soccer in the US from the network of juvenile leagues through the USWNT, the current world champions. The stamp was created by Antonio Alcala using an illustration by Noah MacMillan. It shows a player “walloping a ball with a side volley” in a fluid, modernist manner to represent the dynamic motion of the women’s game.
The USWNT posted on Twitter, “Signed, sealed, delivered. Can’t wait to be in your mailboxes.”