After announcing the signing of former Chivas USA and Houston Dynamo striker, Erick Torres, the pressure is on for him to succeed.  With star striker Josef Martinez still out with an ACL injury, Torres has a significant role to play as the team’s main striker. 

A striker is capable of changing games. But does Torres have the capability to live up to the expectations?

Erick Torres is no stranger to Major League Soccer (MLS)’s style of play. The Mexican striker has played in the league with Chivas USA and Houston Dynamo. In the 2014 season, he achieved his personal best goal-scoring season with 16 goals for Chivas USA. In his third season with Houston Dynamo in 2017, he registered 14 goals for the club. He definitely has a knack for scoring goals, and he knows the style of play in the MLS. In the five years, he has played in the league, he scored 36 goals in 93 total appearances, which proves his ability to find the net. 

However, his recent performances in the Mexican Liga MX have seen Torres produce below-average numbers. In 45 appearances, the striker only managed to score nine goals. His poor performances have also cost him a spot at the international level as well.  Even the most prominent strikers go through slumps, but what separates the best from the rest is if they can bounce back and get back on track. The future is uncertain, but with his determination, Torres is sure to give 100% in every game he plays.

Despite the problematic few seasons Torres has had, let’s hope Atlanta United gives him a chance to shine. Torres has spoken out on not wanting to simply be a filler for Josef Martinez while the Venezuelan is still recovering from injury; instead, he wants to be a part of Atlanta United’s winning process.  

While consistency and standards are vital to ensuring longevity and success, it is essential to remember that players go through slumps. It also can affect them mentally as well. Hence, teams need to be patient and trust their players’ abilities. Keeping them involved and included in the process is key to helping a player like Torres to reach their full potential and maximize the skills and talent. Hopefully, with Torres, Atlanta United can conquer and rise to the top of the MLS once more.

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