The 2020 season was not the best. But instead of talking about the negatives, let’s take a look at the positives. We did not win much, but focusing on the victories can help us see what worked and what didn’t.  Let’s take a closer look into the 4-0 win versus DC United, which is probably the team’s best win.



Scoring four goals in a game is a feat that fans haven’t seen from the team in a long time. In most of the games, the attack was not as bad as we thought. We dominated the possession battle and had a decent amount of shots; however, the team still struggled in the most crucial part of attacking: scoring goals. 

The team overall seemed to lack the ruthlessness and the clinicality in the attack, but in the game versus DC, they looked like the team we all were  used to. The team registered 12 shots, with four on target. Granted that DC United is not the toughest opponent and that they were 1 man short, it was still great to see the team so ruthless in attacking. This kind of ruthlessness and clinicality is what we want and what we need from Atlanta United this season.



Keeping a clean sheet felt so good. Yes, we did manage to keep clean sheets in our other victories, but the defensive performance in the game versus DC had a swagger and a conviction that we haven’t seen from the defense in a while. Not only did we hold DC United scoreless, but we did not let them register a single shot on target. Every player on the defensive line stepped up. 

While we may not have won as many games as we should have, all of the victories, especially against DC United, proved one thing: Atlanta United has the capability of attaining the elite level they once enjoyed. In 2021, let’s hope that the Five Stripes perform the way we know they can and dominate the league once again.