It’s 2021, and we’re confident that this year will be packed with great sports moments for the city of Atlanta. Our soccer community will continue to grow, and we look forward to a year of getting back to winning.


Hopefully, leagues like the ADASL will be back to 100% functionality and capacity. It’s been tough for Atlanta’s soccer-crazy fans not having a run in 2020. Weekend leagues provide a stronger sense of community because of their relatively close-knit nature.  We hope we can get together again and simply play.


Thanks to big soccer supporters MARTA and the Soccer in the Streets Foundation, there is a new field available. We hope that this field can attract more people to the sport. Soccer has the ability to unite and bring people together. We hope that these new fields can help create memories for everyone, young and old. This new Station Soccer Field is only the beginning, and we hope to see more fields in 2021!


Last season was a disaster. There were injuries to our star players and there were also transfers that left our city’s MLS delegates shorthanded. We look forward to seeing the Five Stripes bounce back even stronger and achieve greatness once again.

The past year was indeed a reality check and a challenge for everyone, but the fans have remained optimistic. We hope 2021 means we can all go back to watching games together in our Mercedes-Benz arena, united in supporting our team. 


We also hope that in 2021 we can return to all levels of soccer, including collegiate, high school, and even pick-up games. We all miss being able to watch the action-packed games live, but we also miss being able to play too! 2020 has made us all eager to get back to normal life, including getting back to watching and playing soccer. 

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