Atlanta Soccer News is dedicated to the Atlanta and Georgia Soccer Community. The soccer community consists of all the people who played ADASL, CASL, Dekalb, Roswell league from the 70s to the present. It consists of their families and the circle of friends. It consists of all these past and present players who are now working in their community by supporting youth organizations like NASA, TYSA, Concord and all the many clubs that have sprouted through Georgia as well as organizations like Georgia Soccer and Soccer in the Streets.  It consists of their children who are now playing and their spouses who put up with them. It consists of the folks at the Silverbacks and the Beat as well as all Atlanta Chiefs, Ruckus and all the people involved in Georgia High School and College soccer. It consists all the corporate sponsors who support our endeavors It consists of all the Pubs that have show soccer like the Brewhouse, Fado’s, Rose and Crown and Churchill’s. It consists of people from all races and many cultures. It is truly a multicultural community that serves as an example to the rest of society.

 This publication is dedicated to our soccer community. Its mission is to bring awareness to this precious community and acknowledge its existence. It is dedicated to promoting the community’s spirit and the members businesses and endeavors.

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