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Young players can be significant elements to their teams, and none is more true than the Five Stripes captain: Miles Robinson. Robinson has been a huge reason for Atlanta United’s success, but his recent performance in the MLS is Back tournament was far from his best. Despite this, he will still be an essential player for the club’s future. Here’s why:


Modern-day center-backs must possess physical prowess. They need to be strong, quick, and be a brick wall in the back. When describing Robinson, this is one of his most significant advantages. Robinson stands 6’1 and weighs 185 pounds. These physical attributes are essential for the Five Stripes, as Robinson becomes the tower and the tank in the back. Robinson’s physicality allows him to play aggressively and compete with stronger strikers. His pace and speed help him challenge fast strikers on opposing teams.


Any soccer fan knows that a physical presence alone is not enough to complete in and win championships. A player must also have the technical ability. In recent years, Robinson has proved that he can dominate the center-back position with his soccer IQ when making tackles. Learning the art of tackling, intercepting, and breaking up plays can be difficult, but Robinson makes it look easy. 

Yes, he did have a poor performance in the restart, but his ability is very much still there. He has already been named an MLS all-star and has been included in the MLS best 11 in 2018.  So there’s absolutely no doubt about his skills as a center back. One area where he needs to improve, though, is his passing choices and lack of desire to start attacks.


Even at the young age of 23, Robinson has proven that he can live up to the challenge of becoming a leader. He has been the main captain for several seasons already, getting the nod from multiple veterans on the team. That is an impressive feat and a representation of his leadership qualities. This trait can be challenging to teach, but it can separate a good player from a great player when done right. While he may not have the most experience, he is still one of the Atlanta United players that knows what it takes to win.

Despite the disappointment the team and Robinson have recently faced, it is clear that moving forward, he will remain a huge asset for the club. With his physical prowess, technical ability, and leadership qualities that Miles Robinson possesses, Atlanta United needs him. However, the club will also need Robinson to be at his absolute best if they want to succeed. The pressure is definitely on the 23-year-old player. Can he get back into top form and help his team once again to win a championship? Time will tell.

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