Concorde Fire Players Donate for Haiti Relief – gtXNt5o2UjpOqLPM4PVKZz1m9NWqHmkTd-dmgx2vXEjIjkXnfzOdSONNHUPW5GPtDRUceTqXcv9W76v7BBkzARJXGdZGRtkfyp4=s0-d YOUTH IN THE COMMUNITY:CONCORDE FIRE PLAYERS DONATE FOR HAITI RELIEF3 players off the U16 Boy’s Concorde Fire Elite took their time to donate to the Haiti Relief Fund. While many young referees are looking to fill their pockets from their tournament, these Concorde players used their time and money to give back. Alex Kowalski, Westin Lendon, and Drew Morgan all refereed 8 games during the Challenge Cup that earned $404. With a matching grant from Quiznos, they were able to donate over $800 to C.A.R.E International Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

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