THE HISTORY OF Alianza Soccer Club

M3j08FDNkWEXdC90t5-ZM8uJHUkP72zmdIGZo3oEemFy5f-sO-VmbOVzqrVO8L2GL_-De0sWXNrMCj3c9_KwYUZ9f0A_RCeq9Xu1rSLyxgO4=s0-d YOUTH SOCCER: AYSA ACADEMY PLAYER DONNELL WORTHEM WAS SELECTED TO ATTEND THE AC MILAN ACADEMY SOCCER CAMP IN MILAN, ITALY.During the month of August of 2000, a new initiative emerged between a group of parents to create a new soccer team. The team that emerged was headed by Carlos Jacinto. Without much experience but with a great deal of enthusiasm, he began to work with a group of approximately 15 young players between 7 and 10 years old.

The first challenge was to select a name for the team. The second week they decided that the name of the team would be Alianza Latina: Alianza for the parents that decided to unite their kids into a team and Latina because all the players were Spanish speaking.

The second challenge was to decide the colors for the team’s uniform. Pretty quickly the people decided that the first uniform’s color would be orange and white. Since then these have always been the colors of Alianza.

For more than 18 months, Alianza Latina began its soccer quest with the orange and white colors around the Atlanta area and people began to recognize the team for their good soccer skills when they played in the first recreational league in Marietta. Alianza Latina began an inminent and continuous growth.

During this period of growth, Mr. Domingo Mondragon got incorporated into the club helping with coaching and technical matters. At that time, Alianza Latina had grown the number of players to approximately 35 young people.

In the year 2002, Mr. Jorge Loo began to work for the club, giving a turn of 360 degrees to all administrative matters of the club. Mr. Loo was the person responsable to find an opportunity for Alianza Latina to play organized soccer in the State of Georgia. The first months of 2002, Alianza Latina participated in a recreational program in Gwinnett county with excellent results.

During August 2002, with the management of Mr. Loo and the help of Mrs. Dot Smith (North Dekalb Soccer Association), Alianza Latina was admitted to their junior program and began to participate in competitions affiliated with the State of Georgia.

In 2003 the growth continued and we decided to change the name of the team. What began as a team of friends now was becoming transformed into a club. During the first months of 2004 we began to participate in competitions with the name of Alianza Soccer Club.

Since then, Alianza Soccer Club has won respect for the good soccer they play in the different categories, for their discipline and their respect to the other teams.