The 17-field soccer complex construction has been completed. Construction was delayed due to a large amount of wood mulch that was discovered on-site.

The project has multiple phases:

The County is working closely with the Cherokee Soccer Association.

The County is also currently working with Sawnee Electric for the setting of transformers and distribution of power throughout the site. This work by Sawnee is currently underway (June 2011) for completion shortly.

Bids were recently accepted by the County for the installation of irrigation systems for all fields. this work has been awarded and is underway. The irrigation work also includes the drilling of 3 wells to help replenish water in the onsite detention ponds that will save costs for watering and be more environmentally friendly. the well drilling work is underway also.

In addition, bids were recently received and approved by the Board for the award of field prearations and solid sodding of all 17 fields. This will make a remarkable and immediate impact on the fields, and is expected to be completed in close corrdination with the irrigation work to allow use of the fields this fall 2011 by the Soccer Association.

The County will also be contracting for design/build services in late April 2011 for construction of concession and toilet facilities. Interviews with the final firms will occur in June 2011, for a contract award in July. Design will then begin, with construcitn to follow shortly. Completin of the concessin building and toilets is expected to be completed in early 2012. The Soccer Association is award of this schedule and if soccer play begins this fall, they will make provions for temporary toilets this fall.

All work is expected to be complete by early 2012.

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