St. Nic holas Charity Soccer Event

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Ho Ho Ho, what can we say,
we couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day! 

The elves are all smiling, tucked in their beds
while visions of St. Nick donations dance in their heads.
We got, dolls, balls, scooters and games.
even Atlanta United, if we can mention team names! 
But what you ask.. how many in all ?
466..467..  is Santa still counting?
yes, they’re still arriving, and the pile is still mounting!
Each of your donations, no mater how small,
helped us to build that towering wall.
We are sending our thanks, our small elf hearts are glowing,
because of the generosity our players are showing!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a wonderful holiday season!

From your 2018 holiday volunteers,

Bill, CJ, David, Gary, Jim, Joy, Kathleen, Maricarmen, Marguerite, Mark, Paul, Paul Jr, Scott, Tim


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