You need to check out this site … it’s devoted to bringing the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup™ to the United States. I just signed their petition to bring games to Atlanta and you should too! Here’s the address:

Look, we’ve heard it before — Americans don’t care about the game of soccer, other countries have better players, better fans, and are more deserving of the games.Hero-petition-sticker BRING THE WORLD CUP TO ATLANTA

Well, this is our chance to prove the doubters and the world wrong, once again. This is our opportunity to show the world we have a deep passion for the game.

Be part of the grassroots movement to bring the FIFA World Cup™ to the United States.

Even more important, if Atlanta has a ton of support, it has a better chance of being included as an official city in the bid. Please, sign the petition to support Atlanta.


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