ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Sources said Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky has completed a deal to purchase a minority stake in West Ham United FC.
The latest development for the English soccer club was announced on Wednesday.
The ownership deal came as the Jewish communities in the UK and Belgium condemned a group of West Ham United FC soccer fans who sang an anti-semitic chant at Chasidish man at a recent flight from the United Kingdom to Belgium.
According to reports, West Ham United F.C. soccer fans on a flight from the United Kingdom to Belgium singing a vile song that includes the phrase “I’ve got foreskin, how about you?” – an anti-Semitic message that is often directed at fans of the UK’s Tottenham soccer team, which is widely popular among Orthodox Jews – as a chasidish man dressed in the full levush moves down the aisle to his seat.
West Ham for its part also condemned the incident and called on the police to get the names of those fans.
West Ham said they are “appalled” by the fans’ behavior.
Sources said anti-semitic incidents is on the rise in UK and Europe in general in recent years.
Some European rabbis even compared the current climate in Europe to that which existed just before the Holocaust.

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