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Our kids appreciate and are aware of the importance of your support as they embark upon their journey towards adulthood and independence. Your encouragement has helped Soccer in the Streets provide them the tools to choose the right path and avoid the bait of drugs, gangs, and delinquency.

Please consider a year end gift to empower our youth and give them opportunities to succeed.

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“What I learned as a Soccer in the Streets player is that you need a hard work ethic to achieve your goals and dreams in life.” – Isaac Fonseca, junior Exercise Science major at Georgia State University

Isaac one of our many success stories. With over twenty years of experience, Soccer in the Streets has pioneered the use of soccer as a bridge to success in life for kids who lack opportunities. Our programs build desired character traits and provide soccer and work experiences that prepare kids to become thriving young adults. Our programs are successful because of your assistance.

However, as we all know, forces outside of our control are making life difficult for many of our kids. For kids who never seem to catch a break, exposure to negative influences, peer pressure to give in to gangs and drugs, and diminishing job prospects make adolescence a scary place for many today. Through soccer, we fight every day to give them a chance, other options, and the confidence to choose the best path for themselves.

“Many of my old friends are now behind the line because they did drugs, they did gangs, they skipped school. I started playing soccer and I stayed away from them, I couldn’t hang out with them anymore.” – Julio Gomez, Soccer in the Streets graduate and employed full timeJulio realized that soccer provided an outlet to avoid the negative outcomes that kids see first hand, and an opportunity to choose the right path towards success. It’s easy to fall behind the line these days and to succumb to outside pressures and give up. Through soccer, we teach kids to persevere, to battle and fight for their chance to succeed.

“Being in this team has helped me … In life, I would like to accomplish several things and one of them is to become a great business leader. Doing that could open doors for me to help and do good in the world and leave my mark on something.” – Gunawork Windimneh, Clarkston FC Ladies player

Soccer in the Streets develops the talents of its participants, by exposing them to the world and preparing them for success whether it’s in a soccer uniform or a business suit. Please join the fight for these kids with your contribution today. Your donation will give these kids an opportunity to develop into successful young adults.