U10-U12- We will not reschedule the rainouts from this past weekend. Your last weekend of games will be May 11-12 as originally scheduled.

U6 Metro Park make-ups Friday May 10:
5:00pm Hurricanes McCormack vs Cheetahs Gentry Metro 6A-1
5:00PM Kickers Lamar vs Hot Peppers Sugar Metro 6A-2
5:00PM Hammerheads Preston vs Ninjas Eliason Metro 6B-1
5:00PM Gorillas Sommer vs Panthers Smith 6:30 Metro 6B-2
5:00PM Super Stars Yankowski vs Dawgs Davis 6:30 W MN6A1Metro 6C-1
5:00 PM Tornadoes Perry vs Wildcats Nash Metro 6C-2

Metro Park U8 Girls: Friday May 10
5:00PM Hooligans Morales vs Flash Freeman Metro 6D
5:00PM Lightning Chappell vs Warriors Bonds Metro Turf A
5:00PM Lions Ollmert vs United Patel Metro Turf B
5:45pm Raptors Stokes/Hudkins vs Twisters Cook Metro 6A

Metro Park U8 Boys: Friday May 10
5:45pm Slammers Yankowski vs Mutiny Johnson Metro 6B
5:45pm Lions Worly vs Sonics Sanchez Metro 6C
5:45PM Galaxy Staus vs Stars Fink Metro 6D
5:45PM Strikers Kerr vs Flyers Halford Metro Turf A
5:45PM Wildcats McCurry vs Wolves Owens Metro Turf B
6:30PM Rangers Rouchdi vs Dawgs Rueter Metro 6A

Quest Park/ Cherokee U6’s: Makeups from May 4 will be on Friday May 10 Quest Park field 8A1, 8A2, 8B1, 8B2 at 6:00PM

Quest Park GU8: Friday May 10
5:30PM Bandits Bristol vs Hotspur Laufer/Stewart Quest 6A
6:30PM Krashers Schlicke vs Force Akridge Quest 6A

Quest Park BU8: Friday May 10
5:30PM Dynamo Nordstrom vs Big Dogs Thornton Quest 6B
6:30PM Lionhearts Stuart vs Stars Cherry Quest 6B
6:30PM Mutiny Yeakey vs Roughnecks Leonard Quest 6C

Smidgets and Little Kickers- We will have a makeup session for you on Saturday May 11 at each park:
Metro Park Smidgets: 3pm Metro 6
Metro Park Little Kickers: 3pm Metro 2
Quest Park Smidgets: 2pm Quest Park 8 (your games on Sunday will also be on Quest 8 instead of Quest 6)
Little Kickers: 3:30 Quest Park 8 both Saturday and Sunday.